Inspiring story on financial empowerment and independence


The remarkable turnaround story of Mrs Ginarita Ng aged 51, graduate of the Citi-Tsao Foundation Financial Education Programme for Mature Women have inspired many more women to reach for financial literacy and independence themselves.

Seven years ago, Ginarita held onto traditional thinking and never questioned what her husband did with the family finances. But when her husband’s business failed and her family ran into financial problems, it was enough to jolt her up. Having attended the programme and armed with her new found financial knowledge, she became empowered to see through her family finances by working full time; giving tai-chi lessons as well as working as a secretary in a law firm.

Ginarita explains, “I realized that having my own savings is not a selfish behavior and it is a necessity for protection against a rainy day. In the event of any unexpected circumstances, I can still be financially independent. Now I try to save at least 5% of my salary every month.”






Watch Ginarita share her story in Citi’s Progress Makers video:




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